The legal work your new business needs to get up and running for one low fixed cost.

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What's Inside

This backpack is filled to the brim with everything you need to make sure your business is starting out on the right foot.

Incorporation Organization/Structure

Incorporate your business in Canada, and get advice on structure that best fits your new business.

Customized Shareholders' Agreements

Detailed arrangements between all of your company's shareholders on how they will manage the company business.

Digital Minute Book

Digital copies of all of your important corporate records, including the articles of incorporation.

Consulting Agreement

A template contract to use with people that will consult as an independent contractor for your business.

One-Way NDA or Mutual NDA

Keep your confidential information protected with a custom non-disclosure agreement.

Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions

Whether it’s to limit your liability, establish a privacy policy, or protect your intellectual property, this template privacy policy and website terms & conditions will cover your website information.

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